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Quality Assurance

Global Anti Corrosion Techniques maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that conforms to ISO 9001. The Company supports a culture of continual improvement through the QMS and ensures all employees understand, apply and sustain the system. All plants have integrated quality control systems to ensure compliance with client expectations and industry standards.


Global Anti Corrosion Techniques is committed to providing a safe and healthy for all employees, clients, visitors and neighbors. Furthermore, protection of the environment figures prominently in all business decisions. The Company's commitment to employee safety is promoted through our incident and injury free philosophy. GLOBETECH’s Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) is designed to provide consistent guidance and instruction to our operations. Our system meets or exceeds local and international standards and it is fully integrated within our operations and relies on engineering controls, documented minimum standards and personnel behavior to achieve an Incident and Injury Free workplace.


Global Anti Corrosion Techniques is a successful organization that has been built by innovative employees developing and successfully commercializing proprietary technologies. We provide challenging careers with the opportunity to make significant contributions. Our approach to employee remuneration focuses on rewarding both individual performance and teamwork.

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