External FBE Coating Process:
Pipes are placed on racks by wheel loader, inspected and rolled onto the ingoing blaster helical wheel conveyor, where they pass through a barrel furnace and are heated to 50 - 80 deg.C in a continuous end to end process
After passing through the pre-heat stage, the pipes continue along the conveyor and through the blast cleaning cabinet, where they are cleaned by recyclable steel grit fed through two mechanically driven impellors. Once each pipe is cleaned it is kicked off the blaster outgoing conveyor onto racks, where it is inspected prior to continuing through to the coating process
Cleaned pipes are fed onto the ingoing coating conveyor and processed end to end through an introduction coil to raise their temperature to around 240deg.C for powder application
Heated pipes continue along the conveyor through the application booth, where electrostatically charged powder is sprayed onto the surface through an array of spray guns
The pipes continue along the coating conveyor, where after a given time period to allow the coating to cure, they are water quenched
Quenched pipes are kicked off the conveyor onto the outgoing racks, where they are electrically and visually inspected for defects and coating thickness before being marked, fitted with protective bands stored for delivery

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